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Top 5 Solar Sales Gimmicks to Avoid!

Howdy, folks. It’s William with All Solar Texas. Thanks for checking us out online. If you have been considering solar, but are worried about being burned by solar sales gimmicks, stay tuned, I will walk you through the Top 5 solar sale gimmicks to avoid and look out for in your solar proposal.

Every industry has their sales gimmicks and solar is no exception. At All Solar Texas, we do not use gimmicks, schemes or tricks when working with our customers. However, other solar companies do use gimmicks, so in this article we are exposing those gimmicks and help you be prepared to spot them.

Here are the top 5 gimmicks solar sales reps will try to use on you.

#1 — Zero-dollar solar packages

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? Solar is no different. While solar is a great product that will save you and make you money in the long run, it is NOT free. Avoid sales pitches that promise zero out of pocket costs for solar, these usually come in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a solar lease agreement. In each of these scenarios the solar company pays for your system, then locks you into a long-term contract that you cannot get out of without suing them. These agreements give the solar company your tax credit, places restrictions on your home if you ever wanted to sell it and restricts your ability to make any future additions or modifications to your system. It makes it harder to sell your home, it costs you more money in the long run and at the end of your PPA or lease agreement term limit, you own nothing. It’s a bad deal

#2 Money back gift cards

Solar reps like to offer customers money back gift cards, promising a $500 – $1000 dollar gift card if you sign your contract today. This money is your money, the solar company doesn’t pay for it, they just mark up your proposal and then give you a gift card that you already paid for out of your solar loan agreement or upfront cash payment. Don’t fall for it! Keep your money in your pocket, don’t let them give it back to you in plastic.

#3 We’ll pay your utility bill

If a solar rep offers to pay your utility bill for the first month or two until your solar system is activated, all they are doing is marking up your cost and then sending you a check to cover your bill using your money. They aren’t doing you any favors. Keep your money, pay the bill yourself.

#4 Contract signing bonus

Keep an ear out for if you sign today, we give you a $1,000 check once your system is installed. Solar reps love finding ways to take money from you only to return it to you while making you think they are being generous.

#5 Free energy efficiency upgrade

This is one of the better sounding gimmicks. Solar reps will promise that if you sign with them, they will install LED lights and smart thermostats to help your home operate more efficiently. It’s a gimmick, again, using your own money to do what you could easily do yourself. Now, if you prefer a solar installer to make those efficiency upgrades for your home, that’s great. However, just make sure this is something to ask for them to price in, knowing that you are paying for it, rather than assuming they are paying for it.

 are the top 5 gimmicks solar sales reps will try to use on you.
These are the top 5 gimmicks solar sales reps will try to use on you.

How to Avoid the Gimmicks

If you are in the market for solar and want to deal with an honest and straightforward team of solar professionals, give us a call, send us an email, or check out our website. Someone from our team will reach out to you quickly and we love to hearing from you.

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