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How Solar Energy Helps Spread the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ

Howdy, folks. It’s William with All Solar Texas, today I want to share with you the background on why my wife and I started All Solar Texas, LLC.

I spent my professional career in the utility industry. I worked for one of the largest electric utilities in the country. I saw firsthand how the utilities continually let down their customers while charging more for their product. However, I never felt convicted to do anything about it, because it was a good paying and secure job.

Until about two years ago when a church friend of mine, Mark, mentioned that he had a missionary friend in Papua New Guinea that was trying to get funding to start a community solar project to bring power to distressed villages in the remote regions of the country. Along with powering their schools, clinics and village homes with free energy, their team would share the life saving gospel of Jesus Christ. He asked me if I would contribute financially to the effort, but I told him we could do one better, “I’ll start a solar company”.

I spoke to my wife, and we decided to start All Solar Texas with the mission of doing right by customers, offering an alternative to the bloated utilities, while pledging to support missionary work around the globe. Allan, our missionary friend, started the Papua New Guinea Community Solar project and we have partnered with him ever since. He’s over there right now, fighting through the government bureaucracy to bring hope and energy freedom to remote villages all over the country.  

Shortly after we started All Solar Texas, another missionary friend of mine, Doug Kulungu, asked if we would partner with his foundation, Kulungu for Congo. Doug is one of the only legitimate government officials in the Congo. Through his foundation, distressed and impoverished peoples in the remote villages of the Congo now have access to clean water.

Building a better Congo, Kulungu For Congo logo

Kulungu for Congo is solving the problem of diseased water and the human suffering that follows by digging wells, bringing clean water to schools, villages and churches. This ministry brings to life the gospel story of the woman at the well, where they not only bring clean water to nourish the body but also introduce villagers to the living water found in Christ Jesus.

At All Solar Texas, every customer purchase goes to support these critical ministries. We know that not every customer we serve may care about spreading the gospel message, but it is important to us and we have faith that our work in this industry is saving lives in more ways than one. This is why we are committed to working with customers honestly, acting with integrity and making sure that we do right by you.

Water well in Kulungu

If you have any interest in making a direct contribution to either of these two important foundations, please see the description below where we provide links to these organizations. Please visit their websites and consider supporting them today.

Thanks for checking us out online! If you are in the market for solar and want to deal with an honest and straightforward team of solar professionals, give us a call, send us an email, or check out our website. Someone from our team will reach out to you quickly and we love to hearing from you. Also, please make sure to check out our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and leave comments on our videos. Lastly, please let us know what charitable organizations you support. We would love to hear about it. Thank you and God bless.

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