Texas solar laws vs Texas HOA

Texas HOA Property Code

If you’re having trouble with your HOA approving your solar design, please watch this video where I’ll help guide you to the right resources needed to win against your HOA.

Texas solar laws vs Texas HOAs

I did a video a while back about the new laws passed in Texas which ensures that HOAs cannot prevent you from going solar. Texas property code section 202.010 forbids HOAs and POAs from prohibiting homeowners from installing solar.

However, I’ve been getting several calls about HOAs prohibiting solar from being installed on the street facing sides of the roof. Well, I decided to do a follow-up video to help educate you on your rights for solar installation in Fort Worth TX .

Using National Renewable Energy Laboratory with HOA letter.
Using National Renewable Energy Laboratory with HOA letter.

Sec. 202.010 (subsection 5.B). REGULATION OF SOLAR ENERGY DEVICES.(B) is located in an area other than an area designated by the property owners’ association, unless the alternate location increases the estimated annual energy production of the device, as determined by using a publicly available modeling tool provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, by more than 10 percent above the energy production of the device if located in an area designated by the property owners’ association; https://pvwatts.nrel.gov/

HOA letter

Using the design and the PV Watts website we demonstrate the difference in solar production between two options so that it’s clear to your HOA that our design meets the requirement, maximizing your production and saving you money.

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If you’re having any issues with your HOA, please reach out and give us a call. When you work with us, we handle everything from soup to nuts, including your solar design, HOA application, permitting, your utility interconnection and construction.

Also, it may be time for your HOA to update their CC&Rs. Many times those requirements are out of date, so if you discover changes that need to be made, have your HOA reach out to us and we’ll help guide them through the language.

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