Replacing your roof? Do not forget to add solar and save thousands!

Replacing your roof? Do not forget to add solar and save thousands!

In Texas, we enjoy great weather most of the year, but those winter storms and hurricanes can be harsh. Depending on where you live and how old your roof is on your house, being pummeled by hail, gusts of hurricane winds and torrential rain will take its toll on your roof.


If you have ever asked yourself, “Where can I find a roof repair company in my area?” make sure to also ask yourself, “Where can I find a roof repair and solar installation company in my area?”. This article will outline the risks of using the wrong contractor and the benefits of using the right contractor, one that provides both quality solar system and roofing repair/installation.

While your solar system will last you 30 – 35 years, your roof may only last 15 – 20 years, depending on its material and how old it is when you go to install a solar system. Do not overlook the importance of going with a qualified and experienced company in both roofing and solar installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance.

What is the problem with specialty roofing installation-only or solar system installation-only companies?

While there are many solar installation and roof repair companies to choose from out there, you may find yourself with a damaged solar system because the roof repair company had little experience in roofing projects where solar panels where installed, so they subcontract out the roofing project to a solar and roof install company to do the job right. Similarly, when some solar system installers work on homes with compromised roofs, they simply cannot complete the install, leaving the customer with the burden of either paying additional money for the solar installer to subcontract out the roof repair work or they simply inform you that they cannot perform the installation until you replace or repair the roof. All these workarounds can add up to thousands of additional costs to the homeowner, making that “return on investment” a much longer process.

Additionally, if your solar installation company does a poor job assessing your rooftop, you may have to pay to both uninstall and reinstall your solar system later, if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Energy Sage, an independent advocacy group for residential solar customers, has a great article on these and other considerations that you need to check out before going solar: Roofing with solar panels: solar panel roof replacement logistics.

What is the solution that will save me thousands of dollars on my investment?

Roof repair and solar installation are a match made in heaven. While making an investment will save you tens-of-thousands in utility electric bills (see our article on 5 Reasons to Go All-Solar Now, Texas!), choosing the wrong solar installation company can cost you. Prior to installing any rooftop solar system, your roof will need to be inspected to assess its integrity and to make sure that your roof will survive the solar installation process. If your roof has been compromised by weather impacts, sun damage or just plain time passing by, then you will need to make any repairs needed before the installation can move forward. This is where All Solar Texas has taken the approach to combine these two services (roofing and solar systems), bringing our customers a one-stop-shop option for both roof repair, installation, and inspection, bundled with solar installation, inspection, and maintenance.

Not only will we inspect your roof, assess any repairs that may need to be made (roof leaks, damaged shingles, etc.), but can bundle any repairs together with the solar installation system, saving you thousands of dollars. If your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, we can provide you with a revised estimate and our qualified energy experts will manage the permitting process for all aspects of your project and provide you with a single point of contact from start to finish, while ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

When we plan, design, and schedule your rooftop solar system and repair project, we work with you, your Homeowners Association (HOA), the permitting office and construction crews to make sure that you save time and money through accurate, reliable coordination, communication, and completion. Not only will you know exactly what work needs to be done, but we will make sure that you understand all the options, helping you select the right work that needs to be done for you to get the quickest ROI on your investment and save you the most amount of money in the process.


If you are considering going solar or need any known roof repair or replacement work, make sure to go with an experienced company that is qualified and resourced to do both projects as one. This saves you time and money, allowing you to see a return more quickly on your investment, while minimizing the headaches that come with having to manage two home improvement projects with two separate companies at the same time.

Contact your energy experts at All Solar Texas. We will put together your Free Energy Savings report, assess any roof repair work and provide you with a bundled estimate that will save you thousands on your investment. As a bonus, we will even throw in a FREE electric utility bill calculator for you to use or share with a friend. Call/text us at (800) 707-2259, email us at or check us out online at